Hire a Decorated Christmas Tree

Skip the queues and have a fresh Christmas tree delivered straight to your door and decorated by our team of skilled elves. Once the festivities are over give us a call and we will arrange a time to pick up the tree and decorations - don't leave it longer than 12 days though!

Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree

The perfect tree to transform the workplace or home.

  • Modern & festive, our decorating team will work quickly and quietly without fuss and at your time of choosing.
  • The tree is delivered with decorations, lights and a Cinco stand.
  • The moment you order we will contact you to discuss style and colour. Red & Gold, Blue & Silver, Black & Gold and many others available. Just tell us your preference!

(Prices are final - no hidden costs)

The Baubles & Beads Christmas Tre

For those of you on a budget, or looking for something a little simpler, this tree is perfect - particularly suitable perhaps for an office.

  • The tree comes with lights and a Cinco stand
  • The decorations will exclusively consist of baubles, beads and ribbons (a tree topper is still provided).
  • Red & Gold, Blue & Silver, Black & Gold and many others available!

(Prices are final - no hidden costs)

If you have an idea for your decorations you'd like to discuss, or would like a quote for any decorating needs, please fill out the form below. Visit our Bespoke Service page to order a personalised decorated tree.

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