Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we deliver?

We deliver our trees within London. However, if you or your business is outside London we'll consider your request - just contact us here.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Our standard delivery prices apply within London.

  • Silver: You choose your time slot, and we will deliver your tree in that period: - Morning (7am to 12pm), Afternoon (12pm to 5pm), Evening (5pm to 8pm): £15.00
  • Gold: You choose your time slot and we will erect your tree in its stand: £25.00
  • Platinum: You choose your time slot, we will erect your tree in the stand and we'll carefully install the lights: £48.00

Do you remove my Christmas tree?

Yes we can remove your tree. The service starts from £25.00 and this can be purchased on our website, we offer three separate services. If you are renting a decorated tree then a platinum collection is included.

  • Silver: You choose a time slot, we will arrive and remove the old tree with a limited amount of mess and debris
  • Gold: You choose a time slot, we will arrive take the old tree away and clean and tidy any left over needles
  • Platinum: You choose a time slot and we will arrive remove the decorations & lights, place them in a box, remove the old tree, and finally clean up the mess.

What tree sizes do you sell?

We sell 3ft - 12ft Christmas trees. If you require a taller tree please get in touch and we will be able to accommodate.

Why do you only sell two types of Christmas tree?

We offer the two most popular types of Christmas tree; the Nordmann Fir and the Norway Spruce. Why just these two types? Because they ARE what most people recognise as a Christmas tree. The Nordmann Fir is the modern tree you'll recognise everywhere. It has soft needles and when the tree dries out the branches may droop but the needles will be retained. The Norway Spruce has a stronger scent compared to the Nordmann, and is the more traditional (being the only tree of our parents' generation). When it dries the branches stay perky but you'll get a cascade of falling needles if you bump into it. Compare which is right for you!

For any customers specifically looking for Blue Spruce, our suppliers grow them as well. If you'd like to order one please get in touch.

How do I care for my tree?

We advise all our customers to avoid installing your tree next to a radiator (or fire for another more obvious reason) as this tends to dry the tree out. Air conditioning can have a similar effect. There are a couple of ways in which you can prolong the life of your tree however:

1) Heat. Christmas trees (spruce, fir and pine) are evergreen conifers and used to cool temperatures. A centrally-heated home is not a natural environment for these tree types. We appreciate it would be madness to sit in your living room with the heating off just to prolong the life of your tree, but if you do have a cooler spot in the room (near a window for example) we'd recommend it. Switch off any radiator that might happen to reside behind the tree as well.

2) Drink. Like any cut flower, a freshly cut Christmas tree will continue to soak up water long after it's been felled. The sap of a freshly cut tree will harden within a few hours and prevent the trunk absorbing liquid - which is why our driver will saw off, or make incisions, at the base of the tree just before s/he hands it to you, the customer. We thoroughly recommend purchasing a Christmas tree stand that holds water. Our Cinco stand are perfect for this and should be topped up regularly to ensure your tree can drink.

Can I buy certain products individually?

At Green Tree Delivery our focus is on delivering excellence in our key areas - trees and decorating. But we do have stock and can sell you anything you need (lights, decorations without the service and so on). Please get in touch to discuss you requirements.

What size Christmas tree is right for me or my company?

Check out our playful & friendly guide to help you decide: Size guide

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